Need a nudge in the right direction

Have been training on and off past 5-6 years using TP and trying out different approaches with very little structure. Copying plans from magazines etc. In my late 50s now after a late start but would like to get a training plan/coaching to put me on the right track. Training regularly since lockdown in March which has seen my weight drop, my ftp increase and my CTL go from 20ish to 60. I take a rest week when I feel I need it. I won a master’s race back in 2014 and would like to give it a rap again next year as well as doing regular TTs during season. My ftp stands at 237 and due a test next week. Really feel the need to get on a plan but haven’t got the foggiest idea of where to start. I am on TP premium past few years. Hope that makes sense. Help!


Really depends where you are at currently in the training cycle. We are starting to come to the end of the year so Im assuming you have a great base. I would recommend doing our sweet spot 4 plan right now before the fall and winter. Once we get to fall you can start our 32 week off season training plan. This would cover just about everything till next summer. You would get our 3 week fall foundation plan, 10 week strength / resistance training plan and 18 week sweet spot training plan. Of course all these plans can be purchased individual but there is benefit to buying the package. After that you would do an interval plan based on your goals. If your goals are TT we have our TT training plan. Or you could do our road racing plan. Lots of options.

As far as when to do coaching or a training plan here is a great write up on that. It really depends what you are looking for. If you need changes made to your plan, want feedback into the training, to learn about the training, why you are doing certain things more then coaching maybe the way to go for you.

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Okay Jake
Was thinking of jumping in at the deep end and go for Advanced part of Sweet Spot 4. Too much too soon?

Not if you have been training. But also advance is for those who are really under 25 no family obligations, can spend plenty of time to recover. For the rest of us intermediate is more than enough. Spend the extra time focusing on recovery. An add 30 minutes of zone 2 riding if you’d like. With this plan on Wednesday, Thursdays or Saturdays. But get through 2 weeks and see how it goes.

Brilliant. Will go for that and see how I get on. May throw in a coaching subscription when I see how I’m coping.
I have a bikeerg concept2 which I do all of my indoor stuff on. Any problem with that?
I also have access to my tt bike on a turbo trainer in the garage and use of a mtb . All with Stages PMs.

Doh! Can you change my Sweet Spot 4 Advanced to Intermediate please?

Swapped out for you! You are set. You have 72 hours to accept the training plan.

Cheers Jake
No excuses now :grin:

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Hi Jake
I’m all at Sea here!
Do I have to fill out a questionnaire for my coaching subscription and who looks at my progress every month?
I’m not sure how I get into athletes only forum or if I’ve already gained access.
Frank T

Hey Frank!

All you need to do is make a post under coaching subscription. There is no longer special sections or access. You should be able to just post what you would like us to look at, review or fix in your schedule.

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That’s great Jake. Is it you who reviews my progress? Do I direct my post at you or any particular coach?
Thank you.

Hey @efty19 -

Once a month Coach Jake will review your TrainingPeaks data (so make it turn green and #FtFP) answer any questions, make adjustments and answer and questions you have.

Great. Thanks for the heads up.
Frank T

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Yeah I will be the one looking over your data. Just just make your post and I’ll see it! Just follow the plan, turn it green and I’m sure things will be great!

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Did my 4 min VO2 max intervals today and am completely wrecked but in a good way. Last time I worked that hard was in a race way back.
Really getting the hang of discipline when tackling specific workouts. Difficult at first as the needle on the pm seemed to be rocking uncontrollably until I started to chill and dial it in a bit. The decision to buy a plan has given me purpose not only in my riding but also my everyday life. The future looks good. Thanks Fascats. Please have a gawk at my data and say you love me😀