Training plan for multi-day event? Earlier rest week?

Hello - I have 2 questions. Hopefully y’all can help sort me out :slight_smile:

I have a multiple day event at the end of June. It’s the Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder. Not a stage race, per se, but a 5-day event. I bought the Stage Race Training Plan, but seeing how it has some focus on the TT position, I’m wondering if it would have been more specific to buy a different plan (like the Haute Route plan)? But perhaps they’re close enough in terms of workout efforts that either would be fine.

Also, I’m interrupting the 3rd block of the 18 weeks of sweet spot plan, switching from base to race. But the 2nd week the race plan overlaps with the rest week of the 18-week-sweet-spot plan. Rest is important! Perhaps I can move up the regeneration week to fall just prior to starting week 1 of the race plan? Any input you can share for me here on the forum?


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Hey Likhi! First, welcome to the FasCat Coalition! We are excited to have you on our plans :slight_smile:

I would suggest our gravel plan for you. We have had athletes use that for races such as Rebeccas Private Idaho (4 days 200 miles) and do very well. The plan will include simulation rides that you would build up in duration and distance. During those rides you want to ride a course and pace that is very similar to what you will be doing for your event.

If you want to swap out those plan, just let me know and im happy to do so!

As for lining up those plans:
It looks like you probably started your 18 week plan on feb 15th? If that is the case, then you can do SS parts 1 and 2, ending with week 12 of your 18 week plan, that is a rest week. Then jump right into the gravel plan. If you started on the week after feb 15th, then I would skip week 11 of the 18 week plan and then do the rest week before jumping into the gravel plan.

Hope that helps!

Hello. Thanks for the feedback.

Re: which plan. Yes, let’s do that, going with gravel plan instead! Would you please swap those plans out for me in TP?

Re: Timing. Thanks for this feedback also. I happened to set the start date of “18-weeks” as Monday, Feb 1. I’ve set the race plan to start Monday, May 17 to target day 1 of my event on Wednesday, June 23. Hopefully, this helps paint a clearer picture of my “overlapping” situation - the race plan would start on week 15 of “18-weeks”.

Of course :slight_smile:
Just swapped those out for you so you should see the email from TP waiting for you in your inbox.

And now I see what you are saying. Unless you are able to do huge rides on weekdays, I wouldnt suggest starting the plan on a wednesday. Instead I would start it after week 14 of your SS plan (remove your sunday workout to give yourself more rest) and modify the last 2 weeks of that gravel plan so that it ends on a wednesday. This is something we could do for you under our $39 coaching subscription if you felt that you wanted guidance with it.

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With this advice in mind, this time around, I think I have the adjustments I need in mind to polish off the gravel plan to fit my race-day schedule. Thanks again.

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