Back to Back Plans

Hi Fascat’s,

I’m currently in week 5 of the intermediate Stage Racers plan, having completed the intermediate 32 week off season plan and have made all workouts to date turn green. My curent CTL is 77, ATL 71, TSB 6. I’m 54 and have been training with Fascat plans for 3 years.

My A event is in 7 weeks time and I intend to complete the intermediate Hilly Gravel plan. However, I can’t quite fit in both the Stage Racers and Gravel plan as I’ll be 1 week short.

My options are to not complete week 6 of the Stage Racers plan, instead replace this week with a recovery week in its place and then begin the Gravel plan. Or, complete both plans back to back with perhaps making the first week of the Gravel plan easier by removing the field test.

Any suggests would be welcome.



Hi David,

Well sounds like you are on the right track! Nice job FtFP’ing! I would that you take a rest week between the plans so that might mean cutting the Stage race plan 1 week short. This way you start the 6 week plan fresh as you will have a 3 week build to begin with.

Good luck!