Leadville 100 Training Plans and Rest

Hello, I am training for the 2020 Leadville 100 (assuming its still going to happen). I am currently base training with sweet spot. I plan to purchase the 6 week Mountain Bike Intervals plan to do and then go into the 6 week Leadville plan. Will i need to plan for a rest week in between the two plans? I’m assuming the Leadville plan includes a taper since it is supposed to be started on a specific date.


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Yes you will need to plan on a rest week between the two plans. The Leadville plan will go right up into Leadville and include the taper and race day openers before.

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Would you recommend doing the Hill Climbing Intervals for MTB or the Intervals for XC Mountain biking as a training plan to do before the Leadville plan? I am a roadie and this will be my first foray into MTB racing.

I might recommend our MTB marathon plan. If not that the hill climb.

Also to take what Coach @Jake is saying use our sweet spot plans to build your base before you begin the two six week plans you mentioned (Leadville and XC Intervals).

This is where sweet spot part 3 would be really helpful:

from now till those 12 week begun

I actually just finished a rest week after a 3 week block so I could start the sweet spot 3 plan this week, however that would leave me going straight into the XC intervals plan without a rest week. Would you maybe recommend ending the sweet spot plan a week to 5 days early to recover before starting the interval plan? And would you recommend the XC intervals plan over any of the other plans to lead into the leadville plan?

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You will want to design in your own rest weeks when you are pairing multiple plans together using this training tip :slight_smile:

I/we are not sure what your strengths weakness are to answer your second question but I’d ask yourself what are your weakness? Do you need a) more base/CTL? Or b) do you need higher top end?

if a) https://fascatcoaching.com/training-plans/sweet-spot-marathon-mtb/

if b) https://fascatcoaching.com/training-plans/intervals-xc-mtb/

Hope that helps - good luck!

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According to Training Peaks, after completing the SS3 plan which I am starting this week (advanced), my CTL will be 92. Would you think that would be enough for base or would I need more? For reference I’m about to turn 30 years old. My goal is to finish Leadville sub 9 hours, although I know that is quite lofty considering its my first time and I may be lacking a high enough power (FTP is currently 257 W).

With a CTL that high already go thru a round of XC MTB Intervals - those will help raise your FTP > 257.

IOW you are b) need higher end and are good on a)


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I am lookng for some recommendations on training for Leadville 2024 (if I get in). I finish out the cyclocross season mid-November 2023. What training plans in optimize is recommended starting December 2023 through August 12th, 2024?