Early season Sweet Spot and Crusher

I am planning this coming season for another go at Crusher. I was wondering when is the best time to start the 18 week Sweet Spot program? And would it be better to follow with the Crusher plan or Climbing Intervals Plan?

Hi from a fellow “Crusher” - 1st things first, I’d get in the weight room to increase your climbing power.

That is our Resistance Training + Sweet Spot Plan:

The sweet spots 2 & 3 then our Crusher in the Tushar Plan:

Soooo, a family member purchased the Crushar plan for me and I plugged it in the calendar. I have my 16 week SST plan in before that. I worked out the math and with the 10 week Strength Training plan there is about 2 weeks of overlap. Where should I cut something out? Coming in with a pretty good base right now.