Wich Plan to choose for a Road Race with a lot of climbing

So, my A race just got postponed to 2022, thus my B race just became my A race and probably my only race for 2021. I have 18 weeks for the race, thus 3 Fascat Plans to prepare for it.

This is a Road Race with a lot of climbing, here are the details:
115kms with 3000meters of elevation gain. 3 climbs as follow: 1) 9.2kms 680mts elevation gain and 7.5% elevation grade, 2) 25kms 1295m of elevation gain and 5,2% and the 3) 13.7kms 685meters of elevation gain and 5% grade. Under summer heat.

I do have the Grand Fondo and Climb Intervals Plan. plus Sweet Spot 2.
I will definetely, redo Sweet Spot 2 but after that I dont know which combination is better, should I opt for Grand Fondo and then Climb, or the other way.

Hope you can help! As always thanks!

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Hey @jcrodriguez!
I would recommend SS part 3 > Climbing Intervals > Road Racing Intervals