2021 goals which plan?

Maybe, I am overthinking a bit. But looking for the right direction and plan for my 2021 goals. I am a mainly a Fondo rider (100+ miles 10000ft+ climbing). Did a good 2020 (CTL 80-90) with good base Z2 work and some unstructured riding.
My first goal is half may. Second is begin July. The May fondo is mostly climbs between 10-20min. July the Maratona is climbs between 30-60 min.
Should I use the hill climb interval before my first fondo? Or the Fondo plan? What is the difference? Planning this in trainingpeaks and then count backwards and use the SS2 and SS3 plans before?
I am now in the 10 week strength plan (week 5). Started a little late :(. So I think I don’t have time to do SS1? But maybe with my base of 2020 this is not a problem?


Yeah go straight into sweet spot 2 and 3. That still gives you 12 weeks of base and sweet spot training. Then I would do the fondo training plan after the sweet spot plans. This gives you some good weekend simulation rides to prepare for the fondo and a bit more aerobic training which is really important before a long 100 mile ride as opposed to specific hill training intervals. You could really go either way, but I would just make sure you include climbing in your simulation rides. The fondo plan does have longer lower intensity intervals, close to threshold as opposed to over. If the climbs are longer than 15 - 20 minutes the fondo plan is the way to go.

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Hi Jake. Thx for the fast reply. After my strength plan i take the coach subcription some months so maybe I can do a monthly review of my work ;).
I also think the Fondo plan, suits the race better. But my problem area are the shorter climbs 5-15min. I never train those intervals. And maybe the hill climb plan will be better to be able to do the first part of the fondo where the groups will be settled, I don’t know :-). For my second Fondo in July, the fondo plan will defenitely be better!
Also with SS2 and SS3, before the first fondo, as a base, hill climb could be extra bonus to be better able to survive the first surges. But I still have time to decide. First the SS2 and SS3 plans ;-).


Yeah that is also something you can discuss with the coaching subscription! Once you finish sweet spot 2 and 3 plan you can talk with a coach to figure the best plan to go with. You can even get a tweak to the plan to help with the type of climbs you want to focus on!

Thx Jake. I think it is not an option to stop the strength plan? (this is 200% not FTFP :-)). It will give me 5 weeks extra for SS? And will the extra strength give me benifits since I am not a racer? Or focus on completing the strength and follow my plan, and then start the sweet-spotting :slight_smile:

Finish the strength plan! It makes a huge difference in gains for every type of rider. You still have plenty of time for sweet spot work before May.

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Hi Jake, is it an option to do the Hill Climb plan for my first Fondo (B) half May, and then do the Fondo plan for my A fondo begin July? Or is this too much intensity? This one is 85 miles with 14000ft climbing. A lot of long climbs between 30-60min).

You can do Hill Climb plan before your first Fondo in May. The weekends of the hill climb plan does have hill climb work and group rides on the same day. This is important as you will need the long rides but will also get the interval training.

The type of intervals you want to focus on are longer ones as your climbs will be between 30 - 60 minutes in length. Most likely in the event itself you will be doing upper zone 2 to sweet spot at most. This is why a big aerobic engine is super important. You should get this work in with sweet spot 2, sweet spot 3 and also the weekend rides of the hill climb plan.

You can do the fondo one before the one in July. Most like after the event in May you will have a little rest, go through sweet spot 2 to build the base up after interval training and straight into the Fondo plan.

Hi Jake,

Along the same lines. I’m currently working through 18 weeks SS, then SS part 4, then hilly gravel plan in preparation for BWR ( May 2). 7 weeks later I have an epic series ride, 32 miles of CX (June 19). The next event scheduled is Lake Tahoe 100 (July 17) to qualify :crossed_fingers:t4: for the Leadville 100 (August 14).

My plan is to repeat SS4 after BWR then get either the 100 mile MTB race plan or the Leadville plan. I’m interested in your opinion.?.?

Thanks for your time,