Training Plan Adjustments

Just signed up for the Coaching Subscription. I have 3 events that I am focusing on this year, the first being 8/18 - primarily to test out my pacing/nutrition & hydration plan. I am finishing up the 16 week SS on 7/3 and have planned on starting the Climbing Plan on 7/8. Five weeks into the Climbing Plan I will be out on a family vacation / college visit trip - no bike, apart from maybe a rental beach cruiser. My question: I will be out for nearly 10 days and 4 days prior to my first (B) event. I am concerned that being off the bike for nearly 10 days and then jumping into a 100mi event 4 days later may be challenging. How can I best manage my training plan to adjust for this?

Hey Carlos!

Happy to help you out! I have your TrainingPeaks pulled up and am looking at it. What are the exact dates you will be gone and traveling, i.e not riding. Looking your plan now you actually have a regeneration the week before the event on 8/18 which actually may line up perfectly with your vacation. Is it ideal, no, but it’s a best case scenario.

What we will do is is make sure you get a heavy training load just before going, hopefully you can do some active recover activities, beach cruiser, foundation, yoga, rev and etc during the 10 days to keep moving. Then the 4 days before the event on 8/18 you will try to open the legs back up and get ready to race. You will go in fresh! Over 10 days you won’t loose much fitness, especially since you are within 2 weeks of the event. Is it ideal, no, but you can work with it and make it work.

Let me know the exact dates and than we can start rearranging some workouts to make it work out better for you.

Also looking at your plan between your two plans you have a week of no workouts. This is a great time for a regeneration week. Get some rest and be ready to tackle the first few weeks of the climbing plan. I would recommend moving the Field test at the end of the 16 week spot plan to the weekend. This way you are fully recovered for you best effort. Then the field test effort in the first week of the climbing plan you can do 3 x 10 threshold effort.


Hey Jake - I head out the morning of 8/6 and return evening of 8/14, ready to go on 8/15. Traveling (2.5 hrs by car) to event on 8/17 and will arrive in time to get on the bike for ~45min or alternatively, get a workout in prior to leaving.

Ok I have that time frame adjusted.

The week of July 29th is a regeneration week. So during the week you will Monday, Tuesday and Friday off. Efforts on Wednesday to stay sharp and an easy zone 2 day on Thursday. This should give you enough recovery from the previous 3 weeks to put in a big weekend on August 3rd and 4th. Plus you will be recovering after this with your vacation, so let it all out! I moved the workouts from the following weekend up to this weekend. It is actually the most important weekend before your event on the 18th. So good to put in these hard long efforts! Try to ride a course or route that simulates your event.

When you get back hopefully you can find a way to do a little ride on the 15th and then the 17th for race openers.

Again while you are gone try to do the rev, foundation or yoga workouts. A ride on a beach cruiser is also good. This is the best way through your situation.