Help adjusting plan

I bought the off season plan and did that consistently through the end of February, or through SS part 1. At the end of February I went to team camp for 3 days, afterwards I was exhausted and adjusted my plan for a week of recovery riding.
I then continued to SS part for 2 weeks before preparing for a race with Road Crit intervals for 2 weeks.
After the race I adjusted another week for recovery, and then continued to do another 2-3 weeks of SS part 2 for prep of my next event. Last week I had a century ride and am now completing another week of recovery riding.
I’m trying to piece together training the best I can for all the events I want to do, but I wondering if I’m doing it right.
My next “A” event is a race of 50ish miles on June 19th, but I have a few random less important events prior.
I’m not as strong as my competitors for the A race. Right now my watts per kilo is 3.7 but my competitors are probably over 4.0 or slightly higher. I’m wondering what training will give me the best prep to increase my strength.
My plan is to do SS part 3 for 2 weeks and then go back to the crit intervals plan for 6 weeks. I do worry about losing my longer endurance base doing less time with the crit plan, especially because I want to continue doing endurance and climbing on the weekends.
Is there a better suggestion on how to plan for the race and also keep up my endurance fitness?

Sounds like you are doing really good. Having the rest weeks after events or your training camp is exactly what you need. Too many try to get right back to the plan and build in too much fatigue.

But also when you are doing multiple events during a training cycle sometimes you have to train through them and instead of just a full rest week you just take one extra day of rest and continue with the plan. Sounds like you have some of that before you next A race coming up.

So if you race on Saturday you can just decrease the Sunday training time and have Monday off. If you race on a Sunday you can move Tuesdays workout to Wednesday and Wednesday to Thursday. Tuesday you would just do a light zone 2 day. The key workouts are the Tuesday / Wednesday workouts so yo would need to get those in.

With your next event being a 50 mile race I would recommend our Road Race interval plan. Good mix of interval training and endurance riding which should fit in with your event.