SS1 Basic plan adjustment

Today 07/12 I am starting week 4 of Six Weeks to Sweet Spot Part 2 - Basic plan and it is a recovery week. I completed 550 of the planned 500 TSS last week, and feel “good” today. However, I will be traveling (vacation) the week of 07/26. What adjustments can I make to the plan this week and next week, to take week of 07/26 as an off week? I will be able to do some jogging or light running that week for some activity while on vacation, but no bike. After vacation, my thought is to start 6 week Gravel Grinder Intermediate in early-August with my A and B races late September and early-October. The Gravel Grinder plan has threshold Intervals, over/unders, VO2, etc… so I am wondering if I should justcontinue building SS ( repeat weeks two and three?) before vacation unless my body says I need more rest. Your input is appreciated and I love these plans, the results are definitely noticeable and continue building my confidence as I #FTFP. Thanks again.

Hey Steve,
Without having a coach looking at your data, it’s tough to say whether you should continue to build without a break before your vacation. Giving your body time to soak up all the work you have been putting in is really important so that you can ensure that you are fully recovered for the next two weeks of harder training. Hiring a coach or getting on our zoom coaching subscription would provide you with the best advice for what to do in this situation. My best advice without looking at your training data would be to follow the plan as is and maybe add in an hour or two extra this week. Then once you get back from vacation (stay on top of your revo and yoga while you are gone :wink:) would be to jump into the Gravel plan as you mentioned.