Planning around a time away from home

I am following the off season 32 week plan at the moment and enjoying it. I’m a masters RR cyclist (54) who has been flowing plans for a number of years

I have a couple of questions
Group rides. Due to my week my group rides are on a Friday and done mostly alone. Is there a zone (HR or Power) that I should try and stay in?

Also I have a 4 day trip coming up in Mid October. I can take a bike but there’s no gym. Its in week 9 of the plan. As I started early I can push the plan back and still be ok for next season. I may have to do something similar in February

Should I
a. Push whole week back by a week and use it as a recovery week.
b. plan around it and move some sessions around

Any ideas gratefully received


With week 9 of the plan you should be able to get in both Strength 1 and Strength 2 of the gym work in. You can do the second sprint workout while gone since you will have your bike. So I would just work around that. Ideal you can then continue on with week 10 as is.

The second option you could do is just repeat one of the last weeks of the adaptation phase. Try to get some lifts early in the week so you don’t go a week without and then push the rest of the plan a week forward.

I don’t think you can go wrong with either way as you are not lining up a specific event and sounds like you have plenty of time. You are getting at it pretty early so you do have time on your side.

For the solo group rides early on you don’t have to worry too much about intensity. Focus on tempo and sweet spot of efforts if you have climbs and what not. Look to hit specific TSS targets. Early on you will want to do 50 - 55 TSS per hour. Later onion the plan with sweet spot group rides up to 55 - 65 TSS per hour. Then when you get to attack style group rides you will focus on anaerobic efforts and doing specific 15 second to 5 minute full gas efforts. Perfect if you have short punchy climbs you can attack over.