Regeneration Week Plan Adjustments

Hey all,

I’m wrapping up the 10 weeks of resistance training this week and moving on to the second part of the plan which is the 6 weeks of SS. I bought the 16 week resistance and SS plan, SS2, and SS3. In hindsight, I should have bought the 10 week resistance plan and the 18 weeks of SS plan because the 18 weeks of SS has the regeneration weeks built in for the whole plan. I spoke with Jake and he was kind enough to tell me how to go about adjusting the plans I have. That said, if it’s possible, I’d rather pay you guys to get into my trainingpeaks account and do it correctly rather than kinda wing it myself. After the 10 weeks of resistance, I’m sold on FTFP and I want the upcoming 18 weeks of SS to be dialed in. I’m waiting for my FTP test on Tuesday to write a review on the 10 week resistance but I can tell you that for a 50 year old who is just getting back into cycling and was struggling last year with power, it was worth way more than I paid for the plan and the effort in the gym.

Thanks in advance. Let me know if we can work something out.



Hey Aaron,

Sounds like you should check out our coaching subscription. We can than go in there and make the adjustments for you and plan around any other plans you have.

Can I just get one month? My budget is a little tight right now. Do I need to have a premium trainingpeaks account in order to make the adjustments? I have the free, basic version.

Yes! You can sign up for as long as you like! So if that is just the month that is fine. With the subscription you get one revision per month -ish. So we can get your plan dialed in for you.

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