Training Plan Adjustment

I just signed up for the training/coaching subscription. Great option and thank you for offering it! I’ve finished the 18 week SS plan and the 6 week road race interval plan. I’ve just started (yesterday, July 8) the 6 week stage race plan in preparation for the Steamboat Springs Stage race. I’ve added you all to my Trainingpeaks account. I’ll be traveling on July 19th to Avignon, France and then spending the week of the 21st to the 27th putting in some significant miles riding part of the TdF stages. Then, I’ll be spending the next week (July 28th to Aug. 2nd) in Paris, most likely not riding my bike, much. Please let me know how I should adjust my plan to account for this significant increase in TSS and the following week. Thank you!!


Hey Shawn!

Ok I went into TrainingPeaks and adjusted the training based on your schedule. The best thing to do after having such a huge week of training is rest. So the fact you will be on vacation in Paris and may not be riding a lot can be a good thing! I moved the regeneration week from the week you get back up to the week you are in Paris. So just rest, if you can get a light spin that will be good.

When you get back hopefully you can get in some rides to help open back up after some down time. Coming back from Europe sometimes the time change is tough so hopefully you can get some sleep and get back on schedule. Because of this the riding won’t be too much.

Then you will basically have a 2.5 weeks of hard training before you taper into Steamboat Stage race. I actually threw in a specific Steamboat road race workout two weeks before. Kind of mimics the demands of the course from previous power files I have seen from athletes.

What is good is you are going to give your CTL a big boost with your trip. You are around a 71 and will be in the mid 80s before the taper into Steamboat. By the time the race starts it will drop slightly, but freshness will come up to positive 15 which is just perfect. So just #FtFP and you will be set!

Have a great trip! Sounds amazing! If you have any questions let me know!

Awesome!! Thanks Jake!

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