Adjusting my training plan

Just finished up SSB 2 today in preparation for the Iceman block. Purchased the plan. Purchased the coaching subscription. And now I need a little help.

The plan is set to begin on Sept 16th. That week is bad for me. Travelling for work and running race support for my wife who is doing the Marji Gesick that weekend. So not an optimal week for me to begin a plan. Side note. She got ready for the Marji by working with Coach @Jake here at FasCat and she couldn’t be happier with the coaching she received from @Jake.

My plan is to start week 1 of the plan this week and run a recovery week next week while I am travelling and running race support and then jump back in full steam ahead that following week. Is it possible to get the rest of the plan looked at and revised through the coaching subscription?

Love your plans and love being a member of the FasCat family.

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Hey Jeff,

I really have enjoyed working with Melissa. He has been crushing the training!

I fixed up your Iceman plan for you. Actually doing the first week of the plan this week works out really well. It will be the third week of the block. I just moved the field test to Wednesday to give you an extra day of rest before attempting that after this weekend.

Next week you will have the regeneration week. I also then reworked the workouts a bit based on the races you will be doing. Also on the races day I did keep the workouts in just as a back up in case you do not race. Doing openers the day before even if you don’t race is just fine.

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Yea. She’s definitely been hitting it hard.

Awesome. Thanks. I was sort of dreading the FTP test after this weekends rides. :slight_smile: My legs will appreciate the extra day.

Love the revisions. Can’t wait to get it done.

Is Iceman in your future this year? If so we’ll have to do a pre-ride.

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Yeah! Should be there this year. Need to find a time to pre ride. I’ll let you know.

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