Training Peaks custom settings

Hello, my question might be a bit silly but since I have never used training peaks before and it seems to have A LOT of settings I was wondering if there was any customization that I could do in order to improve my experience and better align in with my Sweet Spot training plan. More specifically I am referring at changes that I could make in my Heart Rate and Power settings found under the Zones (I don’t think training peaks implement a sweat spot threshold) tabs but also changes that I could and should implement in the Layout tab to better understand and read my data as well as my upcoming training.

Just for reference I will carry out the plan aiming at improving my road Cycling skills. I also connected my Training Peaks account to synch with Zwift, Wahoo and Whoop.

I hope this will be helpful to someone else too!

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Hey Eugenio
First, welcome to FasCat Coalition (that’s what you call a group of cheetahs :wink:)! We are excited that you chose us to help you ride faster.

One of the most helpful tools that TrainingPeaks has is the performance manager chart. We know all the lingo like CTL, ATL, etc can be confusing… that’s why the big cat made this training tip and podcast:

That will give you a good overview of how and why the PMC is so helpful. We also have a blog post on how to set your PMC up:

For all of this to be useful, be sure to do your field test (which should be tomorrow) and then set up your training zones as we outline in this video:

Once you have trained a bit and have good power or HR data, you can review your training with some of the charts outlined in this blog:

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Also… Another great video!

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