Setting Up 20 Minute Thresholds in TrainingPeaks

Hey FasCat!

Super stoked about kicking off my first training tonight as part of the 18- week Sweet Spot training! I’m training with a heart rate monitor (I don’t have power meter), and wanted to see if I entered everything correctly into TrainingPeaks (I used your nifty guide and checked out some of the user comments, but just wanted to double check).

  • Peak 20:00 min was 162 bpm

  • Avg HR 137 and Max HR 170

Took that info and then added it in to settings > zones > heart rate

  • Threshold HR 162 (b/c of the 20:00 min field test right?)

  • Max HR 170 (if this increase in a future ride, do I update that?)

  • Auto Calculation = Lactate Threshold and Andy Coggan (that correct?)

Based on that info, it should now track how long I’m riding in my sweet spot right?

Here ya go @george.schmiester: