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hello all there! first post, so better make it a good one ( I hope).

I have had a free premium trail on TP and liked the graphs and figures, but honestly never ‘did’ anything with it.
Now I am about to start a training plan from FasCat and I have upgraded my account again to premium to be able to follow and understand what I am doing.

don’t get me wrong, I have faith in the plan, it’s me. I want to be able to understand what I do more and what effect different efforts and training have for me. one of the main reasons I got on a plan is because I want to focus more on my own performance and not be caught up in ‘what others do’.

so with this I want to set up my TP with charts and graphs that I can actually use in a basic (recreative athlete) way.

I have already set the performance manager charts the way it was described in the podcast and that seems to clear up my view already.


Good to see you on board!!
If you have a power meter then there’s no stopping you! Very easy to get tangled up in numbers at this game but dredge this forum and you’ll find out all the information you need.

HI @nikowla hope you well and safe
what podcast did you setup TP from please?

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Good Morning!

Here our podcast where @FRANK walks through the PMC chart

This is also a good training tip on how to set it up in your dashboard

@nikowla Welcome to the community!
There are a ton of different charts to dive into but I would recommend checking out the “Power Profile”, “Peak power”, “Peak Heart Rate”, “Time in zones”, and “Fitness Summery”.


yes! thanks for acting quicker than me and referring to the podcast about the performance manager.

that is what I did and it is a lot clearer.

however I think there are more metrics to be followed and that could help to see training and progress, that is what I was asking for. but the performance manager chart is awesome. so I will look into what you just suggested and get that set up. thank you!