Overlapping HR/power 3,4 zones

Good Afternoon. I have just joined FasCat nation. Bought three plans and started the Sweet Spot plan yesterday. I successfully completed the “Field Test_ 20 minuter” (fun!) and therefore have an FTP to work with from here forward. I downloaded the power/HR zones spreadsheet (image below). My question is:
When entering these zones into Training Peaks, do I set a 3,4 Sweet Spot zone that overlaps with 3 below and 4 above as per the spreadsheet? (Rather than just truncating Zone 3 to the lower end and Zone 4 to its higher end.)
Thanks! I hope that makes sense.

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If you go to zones and use Andy Coggan method, the zones will almost match.

( I was in same boat on Monday)

Correct choose Andy Coggan 6 zones and manually enter the sweet spot zone from .84 - 97%

pictured here:

also welcome to the CoaliTION!!

I did, and I thank you for the welcome (!), but I mostly am making sure that it makes sense (in Training Peaks) to enter overlapping (3/sweet spot, sweet spot/4) zones for both power and heart rate.

Yes, you are correct @johnhintz.
You can see coach Jake doing and example of it here :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thanks, Lacey. I think I am 100% rolling with my new plan now. Stoked,

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