Training inside using Zwift

Just curious, most of my Training coming up to an event in early April will be Inside using Zwift. Except for the weekends, daily workouts are regulated to inside because of Darkness and work schedule. How realistic am I being ? My goal on the event is to finish the event, Hilly, 80 miles of which, 20 miles is gravel. Early Season is the hardest for me to get miles outside. Thanks for any help.


I think with quality indoor work backed with some good TSS builds on the weekend you can go into your 80 miles event in a decent place. It’s hard this time of year for many athletes due to length of day and weather but this just means that you have to make the weekend work really count.
I’m not totally sure what your goals are or your fitness level/experience going into training but if you set appropriate goals and stick to the plan I think you’ve got it.


If you’re doing structured intervals indoors during the week and riding outdoors on the weekends, there is an argument to be made that is actually the best, or at least the most efficient, way to train. You are getting full compliance (presumably) on the structured stuff where it matters most and still getting the opportunity for quality outdoor miles on the weekends.


Correct @scottpatterson - this is #FtFP’ing at its core.

I will say that a few weeks of ERG Tues/Wed/Thur gets old and I personally prefer getting outside to follow my plan as much as possible. I’m good with one day per week indoors over the winter months but then I’m 100% from April - October (fortunately).

You do what you can and what you have to do to #FtFP! :muscle: