Adding time to Indoor/Outdoor plan

2 weeks complete in my indoor/outdoor basic plan and I’m curious where/how to add time to my indoor weekend rides. I enjoy having the option of workouts on the weekends but have so far found myself with the time and ability to do more than the 1 hour indoor rides on Saturday/Sunday. All on Zwift if that matters. Also, I “train” strictly for fitness and health. No race participation as of now, though I’ve kinda had my on on TTs for a while. I’m 40 with 2 kids (3 yrs and 5 months) and would like to have the health to participate in their lives for decades to come :smiley:

Is it best to just do the “outdoor workout” on the trainer since it’s a higher TSS or is there a better way to add time to my weekend indoor sessions?

Loving the plan and have become a huge Fascat and Training Peaks junkie…lol.



Hi. You can do the outdoor workout indoors. There are plenty of group rides even on Zwift to choose from. We have a lot our athletes do weekend group rides where the can try to get specific work in but less structured to keep it fun.

We usually keep indoor rides shorter to keep from burn out. But you can absolutely make them longer. Do the outdoor work or just add some zone 2/3 time. As long as it does not effect your following weeks energy you are good! Remember though to keep your rest weeks easy and light. That is when you actually get faster from the hard work.


Got it. Thanks Jake!

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