URGENT: Indoor/outdoor vs. Indoor plan

I’m looking to take advantage of the FAST50 code and pick up a plan centered around indoor training with the option of outdoor at the weekend.

I know there is the “indoor cycling” plan and the “indoor / outdoor” plan.

What’s the difference, aside from one specifying it’s Zwift (I use Zwift for all training, not TR).


The only real difference is on the weekends. The indoor / outdoor plan gives you two options for a workout. It is either an outdoor workout or a workout you can do indoors on Zwift. The weekday workouts are pretty similar. Mostly it comes down to the amount of time you are riding, since all indoors, and using that time wisely.

Thanks @Jake

Presumably then, the TSS would be roughly the same whether you choose the indoor or outdoor option in the indoor / outdoor plan?

Also, I presume the two plans both have roughly the same training load per week?

Yeah they are both pretty much the same. I would just recommend the indoor / outdoor plan than you have that option and can see. The weeks are basically the same workload and same workouts.

Fantastic thanks @Jake

Will buy that plan shortly :ok_hand:t2:

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Yeah get hooked up with that Cyber Monday deal! :raised_hands: