Training Plan Questions

Hey Guys,

I have a questions about a few of the plans I am looking to purchase. I already own Sweet Spot 3. I would like to purchase the Resistance Training + Sweet Spot Plan. I was wondering if that includes Sweet Spot 1? If it does, I was going to purchase that program and then Sweet Spot 2 to complete the collection for my winter training. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

I was also wondering about the Indoor / Outdoor using Zwift. Since I live in Western, PA, I do the majority of winter training indoors. I also do a lot of my workouts on the trainer because of our terrain. Is this program geared toward a Zwift racing season?

Finally, I do a weekly race series on Zwift every Wednesday night. Are there any suggestions on how to modify the training program to count my weekly race as a workout?

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get things in order for December and the new year.


Hi Mike,

Yes teh end fo the resistance and base plan is sweet spot 1. Sweet spot plan 2 would fit in well between that and sweet spot 3.

The indoor outdoor zwift plan similar to the sweet spot plans. It does include a few more burst / crisscross workouts to spice up the indoor training. Also the weekend rides will be shorter than compared to the typical sweet spot plan as it is assumed you would be mostly indoors.

Zwift racing is not included in any of these plans. The problem with zwift racing is that you rarely are working on specific training zone. It is all up and down. So you aren’t going to get better on any particular training system we build the plan towards.

However you can use racing towards your advantage. Some of our plans do include group rides and a Zwift race could replace these. You could also look to do race that include some of the bigger climbs and get these climbs in at sweet spot! The Chase races are also great as you could race down a category and say on the front pulling at sweet spot. Those are some options.