Training between races

First let me say thank you for all of the information that you provide. I have been paying an online coach for 6 months to provide me with training plans but have to say that I have received more guidance and tips from your videos than I ever have from him.

With that said, I just completed my target ride yesterday, Breathless Agony 69 miles 12k feet i.e. I’m not a racer, but I like to challenge myself to complete difficult events. I am now shifting from my other online coach to follow your training plans. I am 54 and my CTL only got up to 56, but I did finish my target event. My next event is the Giro of San Diego in 6 Weeks and then the Markleeville Death Ride a few weeks later.

What plans would you recommend? I am thinking one of the 6 week SS plans before the Giro, and maybe a few weeks of the same before the Death Ride.

Thank you for your time.


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If you have a good base, which it sounds like you do you can do either our sweet spot 3 plan. Or you can do our Fondo Plan! That would be the best.

Fondo Plan

Sweet Spot 3

Right on Jim - welcome to the Coalition!

Like Coach @Jake said, drive up your CTL using those plans and the Performance Manager Chart in TrainingPeaks, build up a big base and then your intervals will be even more beneficial!