Is my plan working for Phils' Fondo?

OK, Just signed up for the subscription coaching plan and added you all as a coach in TrainingPeaks. I"m ready to get this party started! But I’m sure you all are off hours so I’ll bide my time.

I’m signed up for Phil’s Fondo (and have the plan in my calendar). Current CTL is 75 and I’m about to start off on SS2 and SS3 intermediate. At the end of SS3 my CTL is projected to be at 84 but then after doing the fondo plan it drops down to 71.

Because of the CTL drop, I’m wondering if I’m on the correct path for doing well at the Fondo (which is my current goal)? Should I jump to a different plan after SS3? Or jump from basic to intermediate for the Fondo plan?

Looking forward to your response (obviously)! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Hey Seth!

Happy to help you out! First of all it is ok you have a bit of CTL drop before Phils. First you will have a taper so you will be at a slightly lower CTL. Secondly you do a little bit more intensity in the training so overall workload is slightly less so you can recovery. The sweet spot 2 and 3 plan is all about building your base before doing a race specific training plan.

But the biggest reason here is that you are doing the basic Fondo plan compared to the intermediate sweet spot 2 and 3. Since you are doing the intermediate plan for sweet spot 2 and 3 you should also do the intermediate plan for the Fondo plan. The basic plan is for those just starting riding and ultra time crunched riders. Doing the intermediate level will give you a higher workload and higher CTL before Phils Fondo.

Thanks for the quick and through reply Coach @Jake!

Should I purchase a the intermediate plan or can I get my basic upgraded via the forum?

Hey Seth! No worries. I unapplied the basic plan and applied the intermediate plan so you are set. Not your CTL will actually maintain an 85 at the 3 week out window. That is perfect.

Once we get to to September we will need to add a rest week after the sweet spot plan and before Phil’s plan. But we can make those adjustments once we get closer to that time. The plan over the next few weeks looks good so you should set.

Once you get through the next 3 to 4 weeks you should reach out again so we can take a look at your training and let you know how it is going, give us feedback and let us know if you need any schedule changes. Take advantage of the subscription!


Thanks Coach @Jake! Looks great!

I’ve got a reminder to ping you in 4 weeks so until then stay safe!

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