Upgrade training plans

Hi team Fascat,
Is it possible to upgrade my SS3 and crit intervals plans from intermediate to advanced? I’m finding that intermediate may be a little easy but i am 50 so any recommendations would be great.
Thanks Scotty FTFP👍

Hey evan!
What is your CTL currently and how high have you gotten it in the past? If you havent listened, Frank has a great podcast here that you might find helpful :slight_smile:

We typically recommend masters cyclists not do above our intermediate plan, as they tend to need more recovery. Again, great resource from the big cat here.

With that said, I have sent you those advanced plans for you to give a look at and see if you feel you can complete them.


Hi Lacey,

CTL currently 91 as i build fitness i can get up to 105, but i used to build all the way up from 10 hrs up to 16hrs until i tapered.
But now i build till 7 week’s out then switch to race specific plans from Fascat, the last week i taper for my A race. So in reality i probably won’t get my CTL up past 100👍
Yes Lacey it is helpful, you guys rock😉


That was a really good podcast! I really appreciated this one and listened to it twice. I am pushing 40 and often feel I have more to give than I am putting out, so it was great to hear the science and experience behind the reasoning.