My A race is done, what next?

First, I want to thank the team at FasCat Coaching. After linking up with Nadia, who listened to my riding goals for the season and recommended two great plans, my cycling world has improved 1000% Nadia recommended I do the SS2 plan and then created a plan for me to follow for the California Death Ride. Not only did I finish the CDR, but I also finished strong and ahead of a pack of riders who previously would have been packed and gone by the time I had finished the ride.
I plan to ride the Six Gap Century ride at the end of September. 10 weeks away. This week I’m in recovery from the CDR this past weekend. For the Six Gap, should I restart the SS2 plan for six weeks then repeat the first 4 weeks of the CDR plan until the ride?
Also, next year, I would like to do both the Triple Bypass and Leadville 100. As these rides are about a month apart, is it possible to train for both at the same time? In order to keep and further the gains I’ve made this year, I plan on purchasing an indoor smart trainer soon. Any recommendations - Wahoo Kicker or Trac Neo 2 or another brand?
Thank you again so much for everyone’s help and support.


You are welcome David - congrats on all the hard work you’ve put into your cycling. I think you are seeing the benefits of FtFP’ing!

For the 6 Gap, go with our Hill Climbing Intervals plan for the 6 weeks leading into the event date in September. Until then SS2 is a good choice and you could also up level you with 3-4 weeks of SS3:

That + the Hill Climbing Intervals Plan will help you continue to improve more and more. Hope this helps - good luck!

Wife and I love our KICKR. Got it last fall and while it is still a trainer, it is light years better than the old fan jobs. Unfortunately my new bike is Campy 12 and not compatible, so the old frame will be back on the rack this winter.

You can swap out the freehub body for a campy one - we used to always have one indoor studio kickr setup for campy.

Works for 9,10,11 but don’t think for 12? At least that is what the Wahoo folks told me 3 months ago.

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Just finished the 6 Gaps VT and did SS3 followed by Hill Climbing Intervals plans and it worked like a charm.

6 Gaps was my A ride for the summer and now I’ve got B or C type road or gravel centuries planned out every 2-3 weeks for August, September and October. None are as demanding as 6 Gaps (100+ miles, 10K+ elevation) but none are walks in the park either.

What plan or approach do you suggest to continue building my FTP while integrating these rides into the training without having to taper for each of them beyond when the normal rest week would fall? More Tue-Thu fatigue dependent training like what you have in the SS3 and HCI plans and then using these B/C centuries as my Saturday long rides? Something else? Thanks.

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Right on @steve2 - it sounds like you are on the right track -

Use the sweet spot plans to raise and maintain your CTL while resting for your B/C events. TSS Rides and Gravel Simulations on the weekends. So you could get into our Gravel “Hilly” Plan - there are some VO2’s in there designed to raise your FTP even more and the gravel simulations ride on the weekend would prepare you for your gravel centuries.
Hope that helps - good luck!