Training between races a week apart

Hi everyone I need your help-what kind of workouts should I be doing between road races a week apart?

Here’s the background; On Saturday 4/20 I raced about 50mi, (134 TSS. 286NP, 0.76IF, & can post more from my TP if more info needed) The pace wasn’t extremely hard and my race ended with a minor crash about 5mi before the finish. I was in Cat 4 category.

Now, I have a stage race (Tour of Page County) coming up this weekend. It starts with a 65mi road race (Cat 3/4) Saturday early morning, then a 7.5mi Mercx style TT with 450ft elevation Sunday early morning, and finally a 45min crit at the Shenandoah Speedway. Here’s the profile for the RR. Capture

I rode about 90mins yesterday with a couple TT efforts (64TSS, 257np, 0.68IF). Nothing too crazy and just wanted to see how my legs were feeling. They felt OK.

I have been doing RR intervals intermediate past 6-8 weeks and happy with the results but not sure how to approach next few days since it’s kind of a unique situation (at least for me). My goal is to finish with the pack and do something better at the TT. I am riding for a Top 10 spot in the GC.

Should I just do some hard efforts next two days and then take it easy or just do 60-90mi rides with some 2-3min all out efforts in the middle?

What kind of a training plan should I be doing after this RR since I completed the interval plan?

What should my nutrition between races should look like given the TT starts at 7:30 AM Sunday morning?

Like I said i need your help :slight_smile: Many thanks in advance!


Hi Burak - I’ll answer your Question by point you to the 2 week training calendar example of our “In Season Road Plan” which is what you want to be doing next. And/or adopt for your training this week:
Monday = Off
Tuesday = mid-week intervals or REST
Wednesday = mid- week intervals or easy Zone 2
Thursday = OFF
Friday = Openers

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Thanks Frank-I like the idea of doing intervals today and ease off into the weekend. Any tips on how to properly eat next few days? Do you believe in carbo loading?

For eating ‘right’ we advocate “Winning In the Kitchen”

If you Win consistently in the Kitchen, there is no need to carb load, although I’d pay special attention to the 3 meals you consume before the race on Saturday.

Don’t forget to eat every 30 minutes DURING the racing and have a carbohydrate 4:1 protein recovery snack or meal in the 30 minutes post race.