Another "which training plan" question

Hi Guys,

Just completed my ‘A’ ride, doing a Grand Fondo. I qualified, which will get me into Whistler UCI event in 2020.
Big thanks to Frank and the guys for their Sweet Spot plans I did earlier in the year. Gave me a fantastic base to build on.

I’m now in a situation where I want to compete in races at the weekend and also the odd Crit mid week.
I’m unsure whether to purchase the In Season RR plan, the Crit plan or the interval plan, as all have training I think I need to do to win races.
(Most of out races here come down to a final sprint after the selection has taken place on a hill) {I’m from South Australia BTW}

Could you give me some guidanc e as to which plan to go for?



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Congrats @c4col - those are all good plans to be thinking of. Since your goals are in 2020 we suggest beginning any of our off season training plans with weight lifting and a full set of sweet spot.

For example our 32 week off season training

then once you finished that you’ll be ready to capitalize on an interval plan and the first one I suggest for road racing is our road intervals plans. Start training NOW so you have time to do it all before the season begins - timing is everything.


Thanks Frank.
I’m not sure I made myself clear though. We are just coming into spring here in Oz, and, since I have just peaked to complete my GF, I’d like to carry this form through the season, which is just starting.
I’m just unsure which interval plan to take on.
Whistler GF is a year away, so I won’t be starting training for that until April 2020.

Aha! Forgot about the Southern Hemisphere training implications.

The first two things that come to mind are Road In season and Sweet Spot Part 3.

Hope that helps!


Many thanks

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