Peak Maintenance Plan?

I’m finishing up the Fascat Gravel Plan and racing BWR on May 5. That’s an “A” race. After that I’m racing various events (road and gravel) for the next 5 weekends…mostly 3-6 hr hilly hard events. I’m 5a 0+ Masters so I gotta bake in some serious recovery between - but not “too much”. None of these are “A” races, I’m just trying to maintain the peak for 5-6 weeks as best as possible, perhaps even sharpening race fitness.

I’m thinking of structuring my midweek rides between these races as follows:

  • Rest day after each event
  • 1.5-2hr interval ride 2 days/week (what intervals are best? V02, Criss Crosss, Supra Threshold?) Any or all? Mix and match? FTP Intervals?
  • 1 day of ~2hrs of Zone 2
  • Another rest day
  • Openers day before each race - Fascat standard Opener workout
  • Race

I guess I’m asking is there a race/peak fitness “Maintenance Plan” that one can employ for a 4-6 week period?

Thanks for any direction you may have!



Hey @jtaylor583 - thanks for your Q!

Coach @Isaiah & I are working on this plan as I type! It’s going to be an In Season style training plan like our Road IN Season but one with fun TSS rides on Saturdays and will be balanced with your B races and the appropriate amount of recovery you should take.

Hang tight for 36 hours and I’ll post the world wide release here first, lol. Good luck at the Belgian Waffle Ride!!