Best training plan for tentative races?

Hello! I have a couple more weeks left of the Resistance Training + Sweet Spot plan and am trying to figure out which plan to do next. I was on the basic plan, but was putting in 8-11 hours a week on the bike. Now that we are approaching spring I’ll be getting an intermediate plan. My current plan ends with a Field Test on Tuesday and (lucky me) I just found out there will be a race on that Saturday! My question is this, what should I do the week of the race and which plan should I start on next? Races are tentatively on the calendar (1-2 a month) and look promising, especially since the one on March 27th is a go.

Hey @lizzyha,
You are in the homestretch!! :muscle:t3:
To clarify, is the race before the field test or after it? If it is after, I would consider tapering back on the last week of your plan and then using guidance from the training tip below to set you up for a decent race.

For the next plan, more than happy to help you choose! What type of racing will you be doing? And of those races what are the date(s) of your 1 to 2 A events?


What kind of races!?

No matter which kind choose an INTERVAL plan specific to your event(s). Road, MTB, Crit, etc…

Still take a rest week like @Lacey_Rivette suggested but now you want to switch from base to race and begin your high intensity interval training


Thanks Lacey and Frank! It’s a circuit (road) race on March 27th and it’s after the field test that is scheduled for March 23rd. The other races are pending, so I don’t think all of them will happen, but here is what’s on the schedule through June. If I knew all of them were to happen I’d probably target the road races on April 17 and June 19 and possibly the Hill Climb.

April 17 Road Race
May 22 Road Race
May 29 Crit
June 5 Hill Climb
June 12 Road Race
June 19 Road Race

For circuit races you want a combination of road and crit intervals as we have in this plan:

beyond those six weeks I recommend our in season road plan:


Thanks Frank! Since I’ll just be finishing up my other plan before the circuit race I’ll probably be going with the Road Racing In-Season Training Plan…fingers crossed we get to do some racing this year! :crossed_fingers:t3:

Thank you Lacey and Frank for easy access and quick replies!!!