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Hi team – As I have looked at Kickr and Kickr Core, I am realizing some of the issues with compatibility and Campy v Shimano hubs/cassettes, etc. I have

So, my question is how much I “lose” with a simple wheel-on smart trainer versus direct drive trainer. I’m not a huge trainer person but expect to become more trainer oriented in the next 1-2 years. I have a mix of bikes and the compatibility issue is not ideal but I am willing to deal with it if the upgrade is really worth it versus wheel-on.


Your podcast is just the best!

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I started with a wheel on trainer (Kickr Snap) and within 3/4 months upgraded to a Kickr. No way would I go back to wheel on. But I train on the trainer 2-4 times a week.

To me, if your trainer is only to be able to ride when the weather is bad, wheel on is ok. But if your trainer use is going to be somewhat regular, I would recommend wheel off if you can afford it.


Great advice Sandy. Thank you.

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The biggest problem I ran into with the wheel on trainer (old school fluid) was friction flats mid-workout.

I have a kickr. No way would I go back to wheel-on trainer. The kickr v5 is self calibrating so no need to calibrate it like you do others.

Same here. For my old, non-smart wheel-on trainer I got one of the trainer specific orange tires. That helped quite a bit.

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I have a Kickr bike that saves me from having to clean my bike before I put it on the trainer to avoid the “you’re not bringing that bike in the house!” Comment. Happy wife, happy life. Additionally, she started riding Zwift on it because it’s so easy to adjust from her size to mine. Maybe one day she’ll do structured training?

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Thanks Doc. Lots of Kickr fans

I have a H1 and had Kickr Snap. I got the kicker snap for my wife. We didn’t like the kickr snap because if I didn’t have the “torque/tightness” right every time we’d be mid-workout and spinning away not going anywhere.

My vote is to get a direct drive trainer and I agree with @sandy.draper comments.

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Great. Thank you Jesus. The feedback has been very helpful. Direct drive it is for me, likely Kickr Core. Much appreciation to the FasCat community.

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