Zwift and Fascat training plan

Hi, is there a need to switch Erg off when using a plan from FasCat on Zwift via Training Peaks? I’ve done a few sessions and found Zwift poor. The effort level seems below what it should be

Get @cian.hogan – Have you recalibrated your trainer? That usually will help.
Unless you are doing zone 2 or long intervals, we advise against using erg as its not realistic to what your power would be like riding outside.

Here is a thread on the topic that you might find helpful too :slight_smile: To ERG or Not to ERG?

In the zwift companion app under the “workout tab” you can toggle erg mode on or off


I thought I had , but I will double down to make sure it is for my next session. Thanks for the reply.

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I never knew that, thanks for the tip :+1: