2021 plan order

Any feedback on this as a plan order to support a 40K TT as my A race?

17 weeks - base & weights
6 weeks - SS part 3 or would i do SS part 4
12 weeks - 40K TT plan

That looks really good. You will have 10 week resistance training, 12 weeks of sweet spot training and 12 weeks of specific race intervals. I would recommend just going sweet spot 3. The base part of weights + base is sweet spot 2. This is perfect for an A TT event. Just don’t forget to mix in time on the time trial bike or time trial position during the sweet spot phase. Get comfortable on that bike.

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Also you could really do our 6 week TT plan instead of the12 week 40k if you need to build more base. The extra six weeks could be filled in with more sweet spot which is phenomenal TT work:


Thanks guys!! Nov 30th is go time for 2021!! Now for a little time off and then a fall CTL build.

That is great advice on making sure to ride the TT bike. I plan to do the workouts on my TT bike 2-3 times per week.

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