Thank you for a 39w increase! (SS1)


Just completed the Sweet Spot 1 plan with coaching and wanted to come around to thank you. A little background: I’m a 40+ overweight man, who wanted to get back to training before it was too late.

At the start of SS1, I tested at 193w which was better than I was expecting. During the Sweet Spot weekend rides I noticed that my power output was getting better and better. 3 weeks before the end of the plan, I was able to push 216w for over an hour. As my body was not only starting to show improvements, it also started to show signs of wear and tear. This is where coaching really helped as my plan was adjusted to help me recover better.

Today the SS1 plan came to an end and the final field test gave me the end result of 232w, which is much more than I had expected! 20% increase in 8 weeks. Not bad I guess?

So thank you Fascat for great products and @Lacey_Rivette for the awsome coaching!


So pumped for you @jarkko.puustinen. I am elated to know that myself and the rest of the FasCat team were able to provide you with the tools you needed to achieve that! Looking forward to continue to watch you improve and move towards your goals :raised_hands:t3:

P.S. For anyone reading this, Jarkko worked his butt off (never missed a workout!) and that 20% increase in his FTP is proof of that.


Also if you copy and paste that review on the SS Part 1 page, we will send you a 25% off coupon for your next plan as a thank you! :orange_heart:

Congrats on being motivated to get up & be active and your FTP increase! :call_me_hand: :muscle: