18 WK SS FTP Test completed!

Well after burying myself on the weekend and achieving a new FTP with a 17% increase and decreasing my THR by 3bpm I new I had a little more in me but as I mentioned in my previous thread the other day, the Saturday ride on the weekend I really hit it hard then the heat had me really feeling it that I decided to listen to my body & took an extra day recovery although I did do a very light spin for 45mins yesterday followed my stretching & foam rolling.

Woke up feeling good this morning so decided today was the day, I’m happy to say I was right I did have a little more in me as I increased my FTP by just over 5% for a total of 22% and decreased my THR by another 2 beats for a total of 5 bpm. :metal: :muscle:

Starting weight @ 67.56kg ( 149lbs) FTP @ 215
Finish weight @ 66.67 (147lbs) FTP @ 263

I’m kinda feeling like a diesel powered hemi engine! :grinning:
Just joined local cycling club so looking forward to putting the engine to use on some longer faster group rides now that we’re allowed here in Ontario.

Honestly I can’t believe it’s been 18 weeks already, it’s been fun as every ride I knew I was accomplishing something and making progress.

I’ll put together a review over the next few days and post it. This was my first structured plan as I just got in to cycling last June . I did the majority of the weekday rides on the rollers and my weekend rides outside.



Bravo and well done @Gavin !

A 22% increased in FTP is LEGIT. Also if you equate your improvement expressed in % watt/kg you improved a whooping

3.18w/kg to 3.94 w/kg OR 24% ! Which is massive. Congrats!

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