Sweet Spot Difficulty

Loving the program so far! I know it’s working because I can feel myself getting faster, but I’m not tired all of the time from the usual overtraining that I burden myself with.

I’m great at #FtFP, but this leads me to wonder 2 things:

  1. How should I feel near the end of my Intermediate SS-1 workouts? Should the tank be near empty? Struggling to hold all those watts? I currently finish my scheduled workouts and think “that’s it?” I know this is subjective, but some rough guidelines would be neat to have.

  2. Would it be prudent to slightly raise my FTP number at some point to take advantage of increased fitness?

I appreciate that I’m getting faster, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist and don’t want to leave any performance on the table.

Thanks, Coach(es)!

Hey @dennyrowe_iii - I’d have to analyze your data to say for sure but a couple things come to mind

  • do you have your FTP set accurately?
  • which sweet spot workouts are you talking about? Some are hard / some are easy.
  • are you getting 8 hours of sleep each night aka are you recovering properly
  • keep #FtFP’ing :muscle:

I set my FTP based off of an indoor 20-minute test on E-Motion rollers, which I’m very confident using (can do sprints at near max effort, etc). I felt less than stellar on test day, so I upped the FTP number I got from 302 to 310 and have been using 310 as the basis of my workouts.

My cycling history is one of winter dormancy followed by fast ramps into fitness through the springtime into summer. I started my FasCat program after an 11-week off/on offseason, so I imagine I’ll be raising my FTP fairly quickly.

I’m an ex-pro mtb’er and fairly-successful cat-2 roadie/crit racer that hasn’t raced in a few years, so even though I’m older, I’m guessing that my trained FTP is going to be somewhere in the high 300’s or (hopefully) approaching 400W. I was tested at 412W about a decade ago with a VO2 max of 80.7 mL/kg/min (26 years old and 163 pounds at the time). I totally understand that those numbers are physiologically unreasonable now, but I’m damn sure going to give it the college try :grin:

I apologize if this is beyond the scope of my purchased training plans :upside_down_face:

That’s quite alright and the reason behind why we offer coaching subscription or hiring a coach if you want more as in this case. Happy to help but I think we’ll need to go in a have a look at your data to say for sure.

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