18 Weeks of Sweet Spot Review

Thanks Fascat!

I just completed the 18 Weeks of Sweet Spot Plan (basic) and the result was an increase in my FTP of 20 Watts. I am very pleased with this result. This is a great plan that got me through the Wyoming winter on my bike. Although I completed the entire sequence on the trainer, the progressive nature kept it interesting, and I was able to “make it turn green” throughout. Thanks to everyone at Fascat for being so helpful through answering questions about training and nutrition, providing useful and motivational information via the podcast and training tips, and for being so responsive and supportive overall. It is obvious that the success of the athlete is important to Fascat.

Thanks again,

Morgan Grover


Right on @morgangrover13 - 20 watts is great!! What’s the % increase ?

If you leave this review on the 18 weeks of sweet spot page, you’ll receive a 25% discount to use for your next plan!

Speaking of which, what’s next for you?!

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Thanks for the kind words @morgangrover13!!
We are 100% dedicated to making you and all of our other FasCats faster (and smarter). When we read things like this it only lights up our fire more to continue doing that… so thank you for returning the motivation .
Also CONGRATS on FtFP’ing like a champ… and doing that on the trainer. That is true dedication :raised_hands:t3::partying_face:

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This was a 9% increase for me. My FTP was quite low at the start as I had been forced to take some time off in the fall (and summer hadn’t worked out as planned either). I’ve just started the Sweet Spot Polarized Plan. If some races open up for me this summer, I’ll move on to race specific training, and if not, I’ll focus on climbing so I can enjoy some of the local mountain routes.
Thanks again,