RE: Sweet Spot 1-3 Review

Thanks Frank, when I started back up consistent training this year, I was probably at the heaviest I’ve been, around 290, as a result of lots of stress at work, and honestly poor diet and very inconsistent training. I’m down around 250 or so now, but continuing to lose more, the cycling made a huge difference, but also cleaning up diet, without being super restrictive.

My ultimate goal would be to get down around the 100-90KG range, which for me was the best when I was cycling a lot a few years ago, and honestly that feels much better as well. The improvement from the weight loss has been big, taking about 1min30 off of my local climb segment in Montreal city (part of the ProTour lap up the mountain).

Motivated to keep things moving, and I’ve got the resistance plan to use this winter. I think the biggest question would be, with less time for outdoor, should the indoor rides just focus on the Z2 endurance/base range, or add some intensity, if the soreness from the resistance work isn’t too much?

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