Tapered For Mid South...And Not Attending. Just Pick Back Up Where I Was?

So I have been on the 18 weeks of Sweet Spot, put in lots of sweet spot efforts up until last Sunday then started to taper. Chose to not attend Mid South for a variety of reason, so should I just pick back up my sweet spot plan (had 4 - 5 weeks left) or should I be looking to do more intensity intervals?

Hey @joelwhite - yea good call, @Jackson and I just podcasted about this.

Will be out shortly: but the clif notes are maybe shift back to ‘base’ from ‘race’ - but it also depends on what your goal is NEXT? You are always training for the next event and that dictates your day-to-day.

Thanks Frank, gave it a listen while out hiking with the dog. Gave me some insights on how to move forward.

Last night I decided to burn off some nervousness and angst last night on Zwift down in the depths of my basement…and then got this!

I’ve gone from base to race to taper back to base and still have a few weeks of my Sweet Spot plan left, but really feel good about where my fitness is (and would have been for Mid South).