Coming back from time off

Since middle of May to about middle of June I’ve had 2 trips and I’ve been sick so my fitness took a dive. What can you recommend to try to get my fitness back. I have the 16 week Sweetspot Plan and the Road Racing In season Plan. The bulk of my races are coming in July and August. I was thinking of going back to doing about 4 weeks of SS around the upcoming races. Any tips? Thanks

Yeah I would recommend you starting back with your sweet spot plan. If you haven’t done any riding in the last week or so you may want to start off with a week of zone 2 riding. Then you can try to jump back into the 16 week of sweet spot plan.

If you had been getting some riding in around the illness and trips I would recommend jumping back into 16 week of sweet spot plan on week 5 through 8. Depending on the key races you may continue with that for another 4 weeks before the interval plan. This way you do get the aerobic work to bring back the fitness but also the burst work to start prepping for the races that are just around the corner. After that you can jump into the road racing plan.

Thanks for the reply. I did get some training around all that and even raced yesterday which went horribly as expected. I’ll try from week 5 of the SS plan as you suggested. Thanks again

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@racersir if you live in a part of the country where its going to be really hot in July and August make sure you consider that when preparing for your races, since it may have been a lot cooler when you were last training hard. If this applies to you, stay tuned for a new FasCat podcast episode on training and racing in the heat, which will drop tomorrow.