Sweet Spot 4 with Extra Time?

Just stocked up on some training plans with the 50% off code! My A race for 2021 is a marathon MTB race Oct. 17. I have a TON of time! My initial plan was going to be 32 week off season plan, then Sweet Spot MTB Marathon 6 week plan. But with so much time would it be smart to throw in Sweet Spot 4 after Sweet Spot 3 before I start my Marathon Plan? Or would that be too much?

Hi Josh,

Honestly I would time out your season so you can roll straight from the end of the offseason plan (sweet spot 3) straight into your MTB marathon plan. I think that will suit you and your goals best at the moment. This keeps the weight lifting close enough to your target and also fitness up by not having 12 weeks of intensity before your target.

Sweet! Thanks Jake for the timely response!