Question about 18 weeks of Sweet Spot

Over the winter I completed the 18 weeks of sweet spot and most of the gravel plan. Last weekend I raced Mid South, had a blast and did great, but now all of the rest of the gravel races and xc races that were on my calendar this spring have been cancelled or postponed. On Tuesday i decided to completely start the 18 weeks of sweet spot over. Is this a good idea? My only racing this summer will be the local Wednesday night crits that I could care less about and cx is still 6 months sway.

Thanks for any info

Have you lifted weight @caseygudgell -bc if you are training for cx there is still time to go thru our 10 week resistance training plan and make some real gain. Then CX Summer Sweet Spot and then Six Weeks till CX .

You want to move on from sweet spot base - its not meant to be do year round. We have a Corona Plan that’s heavy on the VO2’s and Gravel Plan an a Criterium plan.

Thanks for the info and great plans! They helped me make last weekend more enjoyably! Luckily for me and my bike the 100 sold out to fast and i had to race the 50 mile.

I’m not really wanting to do a bunch of vo2 right now so i’ll check out the 10 week resistance plan. I already have the summer sweet spot that i can move into after.


That picture is 100% badass, Casey. Very well done!! :smiley: