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i bought Sweet Spot Polarized 4 and when i put it in training peaks, at the end my CTL is about 20% lower, is this supposed to be like that?

Hi there, that will be because the Zone 2 ride do not have a TSS a signed to them as Frank wants you to concentrate on not pushing for a particular TSS score on these rides but to concentrate on zone 2 Heart rate and recover ready for the hard sessions.

If it helps your CTL will be pretty flat across the 6 week plan. The idea is to work on pure power after building a strong base (CTL) using the Previous sweetspot plan (1,2,3 or 18 weeks)

Hope this helps


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Oh thanks, i didn’t notice that. I will try and see how it goes, but i do like this plan, i lack some power and i think this plan comes at a right time for me.


Today i did my ride based on HR in zone 2, i have a mixed feelings about this, if this was supposed to be easy ride, it sure didnt feel like that. My heart rate zone 2 is between 119 and 144 bpm, for this ride my average was 130, and intensity factor was 0,78.
So my guess is that iam probably fatigued, my form in TP today was -21, and my legs felt heavy.

Really when we talk about doing a zone 2 ride by heart rate we don’t want you to let your heart rate drift over zone 2 while doing zone 2 power. This is to keep unwanted fatigue on your body while trying to maximize your ability to complete the high intensity of the plan. With zone 2 rides it takes the heart rate a while to respond to the effort so the first 15 - 20 minutes it may only be right at the low end, which is fine. Power should never be over zone 2 on these rides.


^^^ What Coach @Jake says

I did this workout completely wrong, thanks to you i now understand the concept.
Also i think i should wait with VO2 workout tomorrow, i will take a rest day

You just need to #FtFP. Don’t change anything now. It just keeps kicking than can

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For your listening pleasure and to help you break some possible bad training habits:

last year I completed the SS 2 & 3 with good gains, then rolled into RR intervals but struggled with the intensity, got sick, cue into rack etc, SOOO (Frank style) i was very happy when the SS4/polarised was released, love it.

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Awesome @shaunoneill54 - as we like to say “Work Hard, Ride Fast, have Fun: #FtFP:muscle:

Good luck with your training!