Critique my first tss ride

Hi there, I just signed on to fascat and purchased my first plan. It doesn’t officially start until Tuesday but I tried a tss ride today to see how it goes. My target tss was 153 and my target time was 2:30. I got these figures because I just broke down my Saturday rides for the next six weeks and this tss and time would come first in the progression of the Saturday workouts to come.

My understanding is to stay between z2-sweet spot. My average power for the ride was low end of sweet spot.

Am I over-thinking this? Just hit the tss and call it good?

Or is too much intensity a bad thing for these rides?

Cool to see you’re anxious to get going, I was the same way. I like having some structure or a goal to shoot for when riding, specifically when indoors at this time of year.

Now I maybe wrong but I think you’re right with your comment you’re over thinking it. Once you do your FTP test and set your zones the weekend Zone 2 ride will be exactly that - in Zone 2. My first Z2 ride I was under the forecast TSS for the time, the following weekend I was bang on. What was the difference - well you’ll note you’re given a zone, the first weekend I rode towards the bottom of the zone while the following weekend I rode aiming for the top end of the zone and was bang one which I notice has an impact on TSS.

I had a similar experience yesterday I posted about, had a 3hr SS group ride and it was my first ride outdoors & didn’t realize how difficult it would be to modulate power compared to indoors that I ended up achieving the prescribed TSS in just over 2hrs. - power numbers were in the right zone though. Not wanting to accumulate too much additional TSS unless in Z2 I called it quits as I still have a 2.5hr Z2 ride today. It’s my understanding any additional accumulate TSS should be only in Z2 so it doesn’t affect power and recovery for future sessions.

That’s my understanding.


.84 IF and 157 completed on a 153 prescribed - this is FtFP’ing to a ‘t’.

The beauty of sweet spot TSS rides is that its flexible for how you want to ride that day.


Thanks for the replies. I’ll just ride how I seem fit until tss is reached!