Driving CTL Up From SS4

I just got the SS4 intermediate plan, and it looks like it has CTL constant at about 60 for the cycle. How does one drive that up? Add more time to the rides?

The goal of sweet spot 4 is to increase your power output, not your CTL.

Do not, I repeat do not add more times to the rides (unless you don’t want to increase your power** :wink:

Fresher is faster is the name of the game. I think training plan athletes @heath.meyer and @Bret_Smith can attest to how much their power went up from simply FtFP’ing.

** if you do want to increase your CTL sweet spots 1 -3 are our goto’s.


I can attest! I’m currently in week 5 of SS4. While my CTL has taken a dip, my FTP has gone up roughly 5% - an all time high for me!


I 100% agree with @FRANK. After 5 weeks of SS4 my CTL has dropped to around 60 but my 5 min - 20 min power has gone up roughly 3-5%. No point in trying to add CTL. The added fatigue will just impact your VO2-SS workouts negatively . Do as the Dr says and you’ll get fast AF! #FTFP


Yep 100 % my power is also up 3-5 %
And if your doing quality efforts and following the plan the rest days were very welcome for me anyway.
I have 1 workout left and followed this plan to the letter
I also ripped out same new 20 min power after 2 hrs of pretty hard sst I was well over1500 kJ burnt so I was very impressed.
This plan is awesome.

Moved one workout to suit personal needs.
Ss4 is great :+1: