How to resume training after 2 weeks off

I’ve been working through the sweet spot plans and raising my FTP but recently had to take two weeks of no riding for work. Tried to reset plan back two weeks and jump back in but blew sky high. How should I handle these patches? Lower my FTP and resume the plan?

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Hi, I recently had to take 2 weeks off due to having a crash and fracturing my ribs. I was just about to complete Sweetspot Base 3 when it happened. I actually went back to Sweetspot Base 2 and then jumped back into whatever was next on my training schedule.

TBH it was hard work, especially when I was looking at my CTL dropping by 10points per week!

Hope this helps

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What plan are you trying to jump start back into? We typically would give our athletes a week of mostly zone 2 rides with some increasing sweet spot efforts towards the weekend. Kind of opening back up after some down time. So I would recommend you doing that.

Chances are your FTP hasn’t dropped a ton from no riding in two weeks. You may just have to ride at the lower end of the targets. For example sweet spot is 84% - 97%, so could just ride closer to 84. Same as zone 2. Ride at the lower lever. Find your legs again. You’ll come around.

Thanks Jake. I’m doing Sweet Spot 3 so this week it it’s the over unders, criss cross etc. that require high end that I just could not recover from. Heart rate was 10 bpm higher throughout my normal range for workouts (set my 2020 highest heart rate this week) and in recovery did not drop as low. I’ll target the lower end all weekend and spend more time in Zone 2.