Sweet Spot Part 4

Just bought the SS4 plan. Looks good though CTL drops every week of the plan. I noticed that the Tuesday & Sunday workouts of week one includes no TSS values. Same in week two. Week three Sunday, no TSS. Week four is all good. Week five Sunday. Week six Tuesday & Sunday include no TSS value.

Workout descriptions allow me to build the workout to generate a TSS value. Most of the mentioned workouts are based on HR and not watts. What is the better method for me to build out these workouts, heart rate or power based?

I prefer seeing projected TSS to help assure I peak & go into a taper at the times I want to get ready for events this fall.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @samueltobias -

The goal of sweet spot part 4 is to increase your power output (threshold/FTP) with VO2 Max Intervals and stretch your endurance with the long sweet spot TSS rides on Sundays.

Increasing CTL is not the goal of this plan. There’s more to performance than CTL :wink:

We purposely left out the TSS of the zone 2 prescribes so you would ride easy & not chase the TSS.

If you must you may calculate TSS based on its formula, TSS = duration x IF^2

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My bad! I am too focused on TSS. Here’s to an increase in FTP. :beers: Thanks!