Weekend group rides push weekly TSS over the plan

Over the past several weeks, I have tried to get the daily plan covered during weekday group rides, but on the weekend group rides, the daily TSS is way over the target. So what happens is my weekly TSS is way over and CTL is climbing and I’m starting to feel fatigued.

I don’t see not joining my club rides, so I’m wondering what is the best way to taper to bring down my CTL, yet still #FtFP? I’m currently on week 2 of the climbing plan.


Share with us what your plan specifies and what your data is coming in with? That’s a good start - this is a tough question to answer without being able to look at your plan and data to see what is going on from the numbers standpoint. Thx :pray:

I’ve attached a screen shot TP calendar. I hope that is clear enough.

@FRANK, I’m sure it’s time to get the Coaching Subscription at the very least.

I can see the colors but not the numbers or read the workout, sorry -

What I suspected. Yep, lot’s of orange that are overs.

Not sure how to do what you’re asking.

TSS aside - you are riding tooo much - the middle week called for 7 hours and you rode 12 - classic case of not #FtFP’ing. No wonder why you are tired.

Simply scale it back, follow the plan, make it turn green and the fatigue will go down and more importantly: your power will go up.

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Ya, I know I’m over in every metric. So hard to say “no” with the summer weather, but you are right, of course.

Thanks again, you are a true master.

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