Sweet spot 1 vs 2

Just finishing up the 16 week plan : 10 weeks resistance and 6 weeks sweet spot. I’m looking forward to beginning sweet spot part 2. I do understand the concept of building, but the part 2 that I have uploaded is the exact same as the 6 week program I am finishing off now. Do I have the correct plan? Thanks!


The weights + Base plan is the resistance plan + the SS2 plan. So from there you will want to go to the SS3 plan.

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I’m in the same boat but I have the timing laid out for the A race to complete the 16 week resistance and SS, then SS2, then SS3. Should I just repeat SS2 or SS3?


I would recommend doing the SS3 and then moving on to an interval/goal specific prep. So not repeating a Sweet Spot plan.
What is your A race? I can point you towards an intervals plan.

My A race is not until 7/18. I was planning on 18 weeks of sweet spot and then the 6 weeks of race prep which I have already purchased. So if I don’t do the 18 weeks of sweet spot, it would seem I’m missing out on 6 weeks of the plan? The long term plan was 10 weeks of resistance, 18 weeks of sweet spot, and 6 weeks of race specific intervals. I feel like I’ve read that a number of times on the forum. So if that is the case, what do I fill up the 6 weeks of sweet spot that would now be vacant because the 16 week resistance and SS plan is actually SS2.

ah I see.
Well depending on where you are right now in your training you could stick to the plan but just by doing the SS1 plan first after doing the 10week resistance work. and then rolling into the rest.
We do recommend our 18weeks of sweet spot paired with our 10 week resistance plan but the 16 week weights+base plan is if an athlete has less time and needs to skip SS1.

I just bought the 18 week plan and I’ll start on SS1 where I’m leaving off. I’m on my third week of SS2 but I think it’ll be ok to roll it back to SS1 and move forward from there.

Just pushed your plan to that email.
And yes that is okay to double back to cover your bases and devote more time👌

Perfect, thanks again!

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Isaah, I also did the 16 week resistance + sweet spot plan thinking that this included SS1 rather than SS2 (Arghh!). So I’ll move into SS3 next. I’d like to build my base up another 10-15 CTL beyond where the SS3 shows I’ll be at the end of it to get to the level Frank suggested for my age . I’ve got the climbing plan and am intending to get the gravel plan. My A ride is a 75 mile gravel ride with 100’/mile of climbing that will happen 14 weeks after I finish the SS3. Should I do the climbing plan followed by the gravel plan or another stretch of sweet spot (which) followed by one of these plans or some other combination? Thanks.

Hill climb plan followed by gravel plan is a great way to go! The hill climb plan will give you some good interval and intensity training after base training.

Then the gravel plan will be more specific to your event which is great to do leading into it. It should also boost your CTL a bit after interval training.

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Cool. Does the gravel plan have taper week built in to the 6 weeks or should I plan to add it in? Just trying to sync the timing up.

It does have a taper week into a race on the 6th week.

I’m finishing SS3 this week and then was planning to do climbing plan and then gravel plan as we discussed above. I’m guessing that my gravel A event in June that I timed this all for is going to get rescheduled. Would like to build a bigger base as I didn’t get in all the long weekend rides in the SS3 that I’m finishing this week and would always love to have a bigger base and higher FTP when possible. Will doing another 6 weeks of the same SS3 in plan in place of climbing plan or, if event doesn’t get pushed out, then doing climbing and gravel plan make sense? Or would doing SS3 back to back be less effective in building “adaptations” in which case I should do something else? I’ve got time for SS3 in my schedule and with weather getting better will be able to do the longer rides on the weekend. Thanks.

I would almost recommend going with sweet spot 2. Slightly less intensity and you can back it down ever so slightly since racing is far off. Then hit it with the climbing plan. In sweet spot 2 you still get tons of sweet spot work and will have the opportunity to build your CTL with the longer weekend rides. If anything all of this has giving us an opportunity to put in a proper base by being able to ride more with the nicer spring weather and longer day light hours.