Extending base 6 weeks before 6 week interval

Frank and other coaches: I believe you’ve addressed this in podcast form and even (Frank) during one of the Rapha endurance rides over the winter before all of this hit.

I’ve started repeating the final six weeks of my 16 week resistance and SS plan (the part post-gym work). I’ve done this by increasing each workout about 30 minutes, with more zone 2 / sweetspot in some cases, and using my new improved values since FTP retest. My idea is to finish this up over the next four weeks and then jump into six weeks hill climb intervals. I’m thinking, worst case, that if racing is canceled outright then at least I can shoot for some Strava hill climb PRs, and if there is racing then it will probably pop up around this time (mid July). Thoughts?

Yea hey @michaelbrady - do more base a la our sweet spot training. In your case sweet spot 3 and theeeeennn our hill climbing intervals plan.

IOW use this time as an opportunity to build a bigger aerobic engine (higher CTL) and then switch from base to race.

Here is the sweet spot part 3 plan I recommend for you:

This makes sense, but would it also be a decent option to continue repeating the last 6 weeks of my SS base plan? You had mentioned that before. It seems that the Part 3 plan might be more time-efficient and better for a trainer, but if I am still able to be outside quite a bit, then would the higher CTL version of the base plan work? It appeals to me more, but do you think the part 3 plan (the one you suggested above) has distinct advantages?


Nay, Sweet Spot 3 has the most sweet spot of them all and is 100% executable outside